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  • I am trying to figure out the “right” way to store links to RSS feeds within WordPress, so that I can use an RSS parser like magpie to loop through them and display them on my site.
    I tried making a category called “feeds”, and using the excerpt or body field to contain the URI of the feed. But it inevitably adds tags around the URI, and magpie chokes on it. It seems wrong anyway, when we have this great link manager built into WordPress.
    But having spent a few hours playing around with the link management features, I have also run into problems. The problem is I can’t seem to find a way to extract *just* the URI of a link from a specific link category. Moreover, the get_links() function is out of any kind of loop…the best I can do is to get WP to spit out a list of links in a specific category. It still insists on formatting it with title being linkd – which is troublesome for me in this case, as again the RSS parser chokes on anything which is not a clean URL.
    Not knowing PHP or how to program isn’t helping. I’ll make this childish mockup for anyone who is still confused about what I would like to do. See below, and forgive me.

    <start loop through links in a specific category, for example "feeds">
    //for every link in that cat, extract $theURI, and get ready to push it through the RSS parser
    <rss parser is going to jam on that $URI every time it loops through, until done. > :-)
    </end loop>

    The result would be the consecutive display of news feeds. for ex.
    CNET tech
    >blah blah
    >pay pay
    I guess my question is – does anyone have an idea on how to do it?

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  • Thanks Mike, but I still am stuck with no way to isolate the URI of an RSS feed which is stored in WP. I can get everything to work fine if I just maually feed magpie hardcoded links to feeds.
    I also kind of hoped to avoid using feedroll or such services, since I have a perfectly good version of magpie running on my own server.
    Any other takers?

    If I knew PHP could I just extract the links directly?

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