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  • In my blog I have all articles permalink to a TOPCATEGORY/TITLE, like

    I also have many subcategories, so for example the category “bar > bar stools” is at

    This obviously has some conflict potential, but I believed the gains of having a clear navigations outweight potential conflicts which could be resolved later.

    I found my first conflict when I wanted to create a category (“foo”) that was already used by a post permalink. So I went and edited that specific post permalink to some other word (“cooking-with-foo”) so I could still have the very good url of
    reserved for the category.

    The problem now is that wordpress has a default behavior of keeping the old permalink of that post reserved, so I can’t create the category link I want. I understand this behavior and it’s usually good, since it keeps old redirections. For example, now redirects to

    How can I resolve this? I’m willing to edit the database manually, but I am just afraid that this might break something

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