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  • It’s impossible!

    It seems the only way to create tabular data in a wordpress page is to manually code it…

    I’m surprised there isn’t a plugin out there to assist in creating tables in the visual editor.

    My question is, how can I easily create/edit tables in the visual editor, does anyone have any good ideas?

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  • Somebody must have a method to achieve this?

    I found out I could copy tables from Microsoft Word, but this is a really bad way to achieve this.


    I’m really quite surprised that there is no better way of handling tabular data in wordpress.

    I’m quite disappointed.

    There’s lots of more complex html-code that is not supported by wp, especially if you use the wysiwyg-editor for posting: it just filters out all the manually set tags. just don’t use it and code by hand. I always do tables and stuff in an external app.

    No reason to be disappointed. This is a blogging app, after all, not a presentation-tool. Us M$ if you want to click things together.

    For the record, as well, the WYSIWYG editor is not technically a WordPress thing. It’s a plugin provided by TinyMCE. If you want to edit the WYSIWYG, then go to the Tiny MCE website an d look for plugins for it. They probably have one.

    I understand the TinyMCE project, but I believe wordpress takes it beyond that.

    I’m still very surprised there’s no easy method to create tables inside wordpress.

    Great news ->

    I just wonder if there’s a way to keep this in by default?


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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