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  • Hello everybody,

    I am looking for a plugin to manage subscriptions easily and seamlessly. I have browsed many WP plugin and posts and, as expected, most of them focus on the subscription to the actual content of the site. I am looking for a solution managing subscriptions to physical/external services (imagine One-Year tech support, or one-month gym subscription).

    I understand I could adapt those plugins I saw to my needs, but I would like to have the cleanest solution possible. I am willing to pay for the plugin or also to actually put time developing it, if you guys think is the best solution.

    My client has these needs:

    • To have a subscription page where the user may decide among several different subscriptions type and services
    • To make it easy on the front-end for the user to check his subscription status (could be more then one subscription per user)
    • To make it easy on the back-end for the client to manage users, and their payments (recurring/one-time)
    • (optional) Manage an autoemailer/newsletter system to alert users of expiring subscriptions

    I think the point is that I need much less than all those subscription plugins do: no content-protection whatsoever, for example. How do you guys suggest to follow up in this situation?

    Thank you a lot in advance,


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