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  • I am new to installing/running wordpress and have got stuck on something quite basic.

    Incidentally I am using version 3.4.1 on a freebsd 8.2 amd64 system.

    The site am working on is

    1 want to get the main navigation menu to the top of the page. That is the Home etc menus to be shifted so they appear immediately under
    “An ordinary story of a couple of pensioners”

    The site is being hosted on my own server.

    Clearly I would like to do it in a way that means it does not lead to a mess up on upgrades or theme changes. So I do not want to hack around in a way that will cause problems later as the site is expanded.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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  • Looks like you using twenty eleven theme and the first question is did you create child theme and modify on child theme.

    No I did not. I just added 3 blog entries and the 2013 calendar image as a Header Image.

    What I want to do is keep navigation right at the top and change the header image frequently. Sometimes it will be large (like it is now) and sometimes quite small. That would mean the location of the menus would be changing and shifted up and down the page – that would not be good for readers.

    I would also like to intr0duce a comment line immediately below the header image where the menus are currently located.

    In the long term I would like user preferences so that users can turn on/off the header image (but not the comment line!).

    Thanks for asking

    If you are using twenty eleven theme then you need to create a child theme as when you update in future you will loose your changes as the theme will be over written

    Hi vizion2000,
    you can do all these things by editing your code on header.php which is present in wp-content/themes/your-own-themes.

    you you made your theme from twenty-eleven then you have to0 delete code from line no.78 to 113.
    Now put your logic for image on/off(may be some sort of status passes) which will be passed from your custom plugins from admin panel.

    In your custom plugin you have to make one custom form having option of “Header Image” on/off.If on then status will be 1 other wise 0 make store it to database.

    while displaying on home page,it will check weither status is 1/0 accordingly image(header) will be displayed.

    Hope this will help you

    Thank you guys for helping so quickly.

    Any chance of some more guidance?

    What I have done so far does not produce any results – but hopefully it is a start along the way to understanding how to use chuld theming.

    I have created the following directory:

    in which I have placed a style.css file:
    File contents:
    Theme Name: Twenty Eleven Child
    Author: David Southwell ARPS AFIAP
    Author URI:
    Description: Child theme for Twenty Eleven for
    Template: twentyeleven
    Version: 0.1.0

    @import url(“../style.css”);

    #site-title a {
    color: #009900;
    On the dashboard appearance>themes there is no sign of the child theme.

    1. The base theme is located as follows
    and as the style.css for my child is in
    I have shown the import url as (“../style.css”)
    Is that correct?

    2. I have tried switching in and out of the twentyeleven theme. But the child theme does not appear for selection.
    Do I have to do something else to get it recognised?
    Note all files are owned www:www and are -rw-r–r–

    Incidentally I am using version 3.4.1 on a freebsd 8.2 amd64 system

    Thanks in advance

    I cannot find this thread in the forum. Has it got lost?
    EDITED note:
    It seemed to have become visible again after this post. It looks as though it was moved from Installation forum to this one and disappeared into the ether. Please read back – Any help much appreciated.
    Thanks Daviod

    Hi vizion2000,

    the best way to create your own theme will be to edit the default themes(parent theme of wp)
    So to create your own theme these the follwoing changes you have to make:-

    Step 1:Create seperate folder/directory under “THEME” directory of wp.

    Step 2: Named that directory “My Theme”
    Step 3: Copy all files and folders from “Twenty Eleven” themes into your new theme.
    Step 4: remove default css from /My Theme/style.css and at the top of this file,change theme name as “My Theme”
    Step 5: put ALL REQUIRED IMAGES,JS,CSS on separate folder under your theme.

    Step 6:Change the existing code of header.php,index.php,footer.php,single.php and page.php at least.

    Then go to your admin panel and refresh your page and you will see at Appearance > Themes your named theme is available.Just make it activate and enjoy!!!


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