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  • The Health Check plugin says “Your site has 1 inactive theme, other than twentynineteen, the default WordPress theme, and Phlox, your active theme. It is recommended to remove any unused themes to enhance your sites security.”

    But it also says “Your site does not have a default theme, default themes are used by WordPress automatically if anything is wrong with your normal theme.”

    When I go to look at themes I only have twentynineteen and Phlox.
    How do I assign a “default theme” as a backup to Phlox?
    How do I find this alleged “inactive theme” that I don’t see?

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  • Moderator James Huff


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    In general, I recommend removing all inactive themes and plugins, with 1 exception: The current default theme, which is Twenty Nineteen.

    The concern with keeping inactive themes and plugins is that they may one day wind up with a security exploit, and they may be abandoned and therefore never receive a patch. Basically, you’re securing your house by proactively removing entrances you never use.

    I make an exception for the current default theme because they will always receive security patches and they are a valuable troubleshooting tool (when you want to rule-out your theme as something causing a problem).

    Use the Health Check to disable the current theme and it should then go to Twenty Nineteen and from there on it should believe Twenty Nineteen to be the default if I’m not mistaken.

    Either way you’ll know it will work as default (or maybe not). And we can deal with that if it doesn’t work if you’ll then let us know.

    what I’m thinking is you had just the one theme when you updated which added the second theme but Health Check stumbled a little in this process and needs just a little help here.

    Another thing is you can actually swap the two active themes temporarily by activating the second. But I’m slightly concerned that maybe the Twenty Nineteen copy is somehow broken which is why I didn’t suggest doing that.

    Health check just affects the admin user while activating a broken them affects everyone.

    I use a desktop theme and a separate mobile theme. Is there a way to get site health to stop showing this error due to this setup?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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