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  • Hello

    Like some of you, I’ve done a few hacks to some WP core files (e.g. to simplify the posting page for my Authors).

    The issue is that everytime there’s a WP upgrade, I have to re-do the hacks.

    I’m aware that it’s possible to download the changed files for each upgrade. But is there an easier way to compare files directly and make the file changes without, say shell access on a server.

    Just wondering how other people maintain there hacks when there’s a WP upgrade, and what’s the easiest & efficient way to do this


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  • whooami



    theres a windows tool for comparing files that I highly reccommend, Beyond Compare. You can pick that up here:

    Assuming you know what files you have made changes to, and of course, that were not talking about every file, its not too difficult to keep up.

    Just a note for the future… there is very little you can do by hacking that you can’t do with a plugin… and plugins do not “generally” cause problems with upgrades.

    I do understand that hacking generally should be done as a last resort and plugins are by default preferred. But sometimes one has to hack…Err maybe I need to learn how to write plugins

    Thanks whooami for file compare tip. I found this opensource/free one which looks good too:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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