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  • So, I want to start a separate blog on my domain. Is that possible to do within the same WP-install?

    I’ve been using WordPress for almost a year, writing about politics in Swedish ( Now, I’d like to start blogging in English about stuff related to my research, residing on a subpage of my blog ( The posts in Otherblog should not appear on the Swedish front page and feed, but instead have its own feed.

    There are no new users involved, and actually no need for multilingual support (since blogs in English and Swedish won’t be mixed), it’s rather like adding a separate offshoot for a different audience. And for convenience, I’d like to do it within the same WP-install.

    So what would I need to do? I presume creating a new category called Otherblog is a good start. And then I guess I’ll have to create a new Page and Template for the Otherblog. But how do I:

    * Confine its items to a separate Page?
    * Keep its items off the front page and the feed?

    (Apologise if there are already threads covering these issues — searching for “categories +wordpress +feed” just didn’t help very much…)

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  • Just off the top of my head I would imagine you need a category for your english blog. Filter that category out of your Swedish blog so it never appears there. Then, make a page for the english category.

    I think it would be much easier to just have another install. Why don’t you just do that?

    Yeah, I’ve checked around some more, and it seems possible, with the help of a few plugins and some template tweaking to do what I want.

    Why I don’t just have another install? Because I’d prefer to manage my entire site, front and back end, from one place and not have to maintain two WP installs. Seems though that multiblog functionality is something many people would like to have out of the box.

    I think having an install for each blog is just more manageable and less confusing! but whatever floats your boat!! good luck 🙂

    halsnalle: have you looked into WPMU? Might be something you could use….

    Vkaryl, thanks, I know about MU, but I don’t really want to run a multi-user system or “hundreds of thousands” of blogs on the same install. My idea is more modest, simply serving my readers two separate feeds and blog pages (so as not to annoy my Swedish readers with my attempts to blog in English…), while everything still resides in the same database and can be managed from the same backend.

    Yes, I got that…. but wpmu is as flexible in its own directions as wp – even if the rhetoric sounds like you can only have multi-users in the thousands etc.

    Now, you could for the English blog still use the same database in wp, just give it a different prefix. But really the only way to manage “both” from one backend is to use the “filter out” category sort option.

    [There might be some problems with WPMU setup on some shared hosts, though, I think….]

    Try the Gengo plugin:

    It does exactly what you want: can have blog posts in two (or more) langugages and if you look at the Swedish posts – it doesn’t show the English ones; and vice versa.
    I have installed it on several blogs and it works very nicely. There is a learning curve with it, and you might need the .mo file for the localization, but it’s worth to take a look!

    Wow, moshu – that’s one slick puppy! I don’t of course need it myself, but I’ll definitely know to refer others to it from now on!

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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