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    I am a retired IT professional helping 2 local school students develop an educational App for use all over the world.
    They have set up their WordPress web site, and want to invite schools in other countries to help translate the text for menus into their own natural language. I have offered to help – and now realise the limits of my understanding.
    They want to display 3 columns of data in a (series of) WordPress page(s)- the first with the original English content, the second with a machine translation of the first column, and the third to be input by the (student) editor as an improvement on the machine translation.
    The target format for the app is UTF8 format.
    Can someone advise:
    1. Is it possible to manage a multi-character set database using built-in WordPress facilities?
    2. What is the cleanest way to set up the database in WordPress? The information will be displayed in Pages.
    3. The information to be managed by the database is in a csv file. The students will need to transfer the information to the database. Is this straight forward?
    4. I have in the past managed my own mono-lingual database within a WordPress site, and written all the php and css code myself. Is this now old hat?

    I can read documentation, but it would help if someone could focus my attention to productive lines of enquiry.
    David Butland

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