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    Great plugin – easy to use and important features.

    However, after having installed and activated the plugin, my website loose connection to ManageWP.

    ManageWP is a WP management service. On the WP installation you install a Worker plugin and then you can access certain functionalities from a web based dashboard.

    The dashboard is communicating with the Worker plugin, but after installing WordPress 2-Step Verification this no longer works.

    Please look into this. ManageWP support is interested in helping out if so. Also, ManageWP support whitelisting their IP’s if that could help (


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  • Plugin Author as247


    Hi kgraversen,
    Pls try to use Application Password to connect in ManageWP

    Thanks for quick feedback.

    I have already tried that. Thats is – using my WP user (the one with 2-factor enabled) and the Application Password to connect in ManageWP.

    But unfortunately it doesn’t seem work. I do see a successful login but ManageWP is not showing that it is connected / synced.

    I will once again try to reach out to ManageWP support but there might be a need for you to communicate with them as well.


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    Plugin Author as247


    Hi kgraversen, app password currently work with WordPress XmlRpc only, wordpress app connect through xml rpc. Im not sure how ManageWp connect with wordpress, if it is standard auth then still need to enter 2 step verification code.

    Hi as247

    I dont know how ManageWP connects. They have a plugin running in the system (Worker plugin) and I suspect they communicate with that in some way.

    ManageWP is a free and a widely used service. I would be very grateful if you installed it on a test system and then added your plugin as well. I am sure you will be able to see what is going on and what is blocking the connection.

    ManageWP support has told me that they are willing to support you in any way you need.

    Thanks in advance.

    Plugin Author as247


    Ok, I will find out the way ManageWP connect with wordpress and add support for it in next version


    Plugin Author as247


    Hi I’ve released version 1.5.5 which added a filter wp2sv_trusted_request to allow third-party plugin to bypass 2-step verification.

    Pls notify ManageWP about this. they can bypass verification process by add_filter(‘wp2sv_trusted_request’,__return_true);

    You also can do it your self before ManageWP fix this, by adding add_filter(‘wp2sv_trusted_request’,__return_true); to wp-content/plugins/worker/src/MWP/EventListener/FixCompatibility.php
    Search for public function fixDuoFactor() then add add_filter(‘wp2sv_trusted_request’,__return_true); on top of that function (before if…)

    The code after updated should be:

    public function fixDuoFactor()
            if (!$this->context->isPluginEnabled('duo-wordpress/duo_wordpress.php')) {
            $this->context->addAction('init', array($this, '_fixDuoFactor'), -1);

    That worked for me!

    Hi @as247

    Wow – amazing support! Thanks a lot for your prompt attention.

    I have tried to apply the workaround to one of my sites, but unfortunately it is still not working.

    I will try a couple of options and get back to you.


    The new code is working, but also spitting out these errors:

    PHP Warning: Use of undefined constant __return_true – assumed ‘__return_true’ (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP)

    I hope ManageWP will fix their plugin soon.

    Plugin Author as247


    @nyssamccanmore you also can use
    add_filter(‘wp2sv_trusted_request’,function(){return true;});

    more about __return_true function it’s just a function which return true.

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    Okay, I’ll see how that works. Thanks!

    No more PHP errors.

    Today I couldn’t get ManageWP to connect to my sites; it seems the FixCompatibility file was changed on them this morning somehow. I had to change the code back to the above to get in again. I don’t know how it was changed.

    Plugin Author as247


    Hmm, only 2.0 version got compatibility issue again, because i was try to improve the security. but seem it blocks many apps which not support 2-step.

    Back to your issue, if ManageWP got updated and came without my patch, so you need to add it again.

    I have a test site running Worker 4.6.2 with my fix code above. It get disconnect on wp2sv 2.0, but fixed in wp2sv 2.0.1

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    Plugin Author as247


    @nyssamccanmore @kgraversen version 2.1 got improved compatibility. So it will work with all, managewp, wp app, zapier,…

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