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  • When I go to “Manage” then “Edit” one of my posts, the page is blank besides the control panel’s options, “Dashboard” to “Write Page”.

    I can’t edit any of my posts.

    Please help.


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  • Moderator Michael Adams (mdawaffe)



    Are you logged in as Admin or as a different user? If you’re logged in as a different user, you may not have a high enough User Level.

    I’m the only user. Just started it. Haven’t even learned how to create a new user.

    Moderator Michael Adams (mdawaffe)



    What menu items can you access (“Dashboard”, “Write”, “Manage”, etc…)?

    You can try refreshing your browser a couple times.

    I can access everything. I cannot edit posts, “View Site”, or “Logout (Administrator).

    I can do absolutely everything else.

    Moderator James Huff


    Do you see an error about “Enabling Sending Referrers”? If you do, see this:

    If not, make a backup copy of your current theme, then delete all of your WordPress files and upload fresh copies from a new WordPress download. As long as you don’t touch the database, your posts, comments, and settings will be fine.

    Also, I cannot switch to Advanced Write mode either. It just gives me a blank page when I try to switch.

    I’ve never gotten the “Enabling” error.

    I’ve deleted all my database tables, all my old wordpress files, and I even downloaded a new copy of 1.5 for good measure. I re-installed everything. And I have the same problem.

    I can’t edit posts, I can’t switch to Advanced Write mode, I can’t View Site, and I can’t Logout.

    I can access everything fine. And I can post fine.

    There’s something very wrong, though.

    What it is? I have no clue.

    Again, I will really really appreciate any help whatsoever. I was so excited when I saw my new functioning template/blog. Very exciting! I’ve been blogging notoriously for over a year and I don’t think I can every go back to blogger now.

    Please help.

    I’m tortured by it. (Can’t you see?)

    Thank you

    One other thing:

    I noticed this when I was viewing the blog for the first time last time, too. It’s peculiarly aligned to the left. It seems like the text should be centered. It seems to me like the default theme is not working. As if there is no theme. Then I add a theme, like last time…and it just straightens itself out.

    Very odd.

    If I think of anything else that’s amiss I’ll let you know. I’m figuring the more description the easier it will be for you to help.

    Ok, thanks again,

    Also when I click on “Write Page”, I get a blank page.

    In summation, I guess the question is:

    Can I change the “View Site” & “Logout (Administrator)” link manually?

    And then all I need to know is how I can edit my posts.

    Thanks for your help

    It appears to have been a buggy beginning. 3rd time was a charm.

    I have no clue what happened. I did the same thing thrice I say.


    I had the “blank page” problem also, it turned out to be a plugin error, Clean Archives.

    It worked fine until I changed a tag from “strong” to “h5”, which was suggested in install notes, then it start showing me the blank pages in the admin panel, in both cases trying to edit a post and advanced editing in a new post.

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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