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  • hello all,
    i’m sorry if my question too noob here .
    i’m new user wordpress and was learn to using wp .

    i’m just want to know, how to manage per posts to insert in pages which i want .
    for sample, i have 2 pages namely “Cars” and the other one “Bike” . and then i created some posts about Cars and bike .
    inside Bike posts i had create each category. so if that posts about bike i put that posts in bike category and in Cars posts i also did same thing .
    but when i checked Bike page, all posts about bike and cars be in Bike page instead .

    i want posts about bike only being in Bike page and posts about cars only in page cars too . how it is ? if that use a plugin or something ?

    thanks for help and sorry i noob here 🙂

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  • you have to mention category name in query_posts
    for each page

    Unless there’s something else you want on the page, generally you’d just add navigation pointed at the post categories and the “pages” with the posts on are created for you.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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