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  1. Dtortot
    Posted 9 years ago #

    I know I am running an old version here, but I don't have the power to update and he who does refuses to, so even if an update might fix my question, the update will simply not happen so I am looking for another way out for my problem which is:

    I contribute at a site that offers a lot of static content, reviews, that means we have a lot of pages, when ever I have to edit a page I have to search it because, when I go to Manages->Pages the page stops loading one third/fourth of the way through, even if I reload it doesn't help, this is a very uncomfortable problem specially when I have to edit lots of pages.

    Is there a way to do a Page Break after X amount of results, like when you search something in google it will show a certain amount of results and if there are more it will add a "Next" button. Or maybe select which Parent and child pages you want listed instead of a full list?

    Is there a plugin/hack/method for this?
    Thanks in advanced.

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