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  • I’m using an e-commerce theme from Sarah Neuber, who disappeared and wont offer support anymore. I’m going to switch to a dedicated e-commerce platform (Bigcommerce perhaps?) but until I do, I’d like to get the current theme running a little better. I know it’s a long shot without a specific error and the offending code, but here it goes. In Dashboard > Store Administration > Manage Orders, when there are many orders, the page stops loading prematurely. This is a problem because at the very bottom is the dropdown menu that’s needed to process orders that are checked (for example, to send them from “New” to “In Process”).

    A while ago it gave a Fatal Error at the bottom: “Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in … on line …” However, the location of the error seemed to be random as sometimes it was listed as cache.php, cart_actions.php, or post.php.

    In php.ini I changed the max_execution_time from 30 to 600. I no longer get the Fatal Error but I think that may just be due to a WordPress update because I changed the execution time back to 30 and the error didn’t show up.

    The page loads very slowly for several minutes, then just stops. Do you have any idea how to make it load completely? I don’t know much coding so any help is appreciated!

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  • Other than googling for someone who found and fixed the same problem, you are probably going to have to hire someone to fix your problem. A quick look around and I found a boatload of people having troubles.

    You didn’t mention what Theme you are referring to. TheJeweleryShop is what I see mentioned.

    I even found someone offering migration solutions to WooCommerce:

    yeah that’s what I figured. I fixed a couple small issues (like Missing Argument 2) just by searching but this one eludes me. I’m not putting any more money into this theme so I just wanted to check here in case someone has already gone though this.

    I am using The Jewelry Shop. I checked out WooCommerce but it doesn’t function the way I need it to re product attributes, none of the “big” themes/plugins do and I’m not going with another “small” developer; I wont get burned again! WordPress works with e-commerce, but it isn’t optimal. In the long run, I’ll be much better off with a dedicated e-commerce platform.

    Not my area of expertise (ecommerce), but, in general, I am a fan of Services, as opposed to Platforms, in the sense that I buy a particular Service from someone else who is big enough to take care of it themselves, on their own hosting, not mine. Then I use WordPress to interface to the Service, and sometimes do at least some of the front-end Form.

    Although simplistic, my own example is how I use PayPal: wrote my own plugins to (1) sell tickets to an event; and (2) accept plugin “donations” that look to PayPal as if they are purchases, to avoid PayPal’s Donation restrictions. All using PayPal’s simplest interface.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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