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    Hello,I am looking for a handy calendar which I can use for a long term.
    Found this one,and tested it on my local brand new wordpress.
    I created 30 events,and noticed no matter how many events I will create,they will all be loaded in ONE PAGE on manage events and manage event groups,so this will not prevent server load in case there are too many events?

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  • Actually,it will.The screen option allows us to set the number of events for one page.Nice

    But when I was trying to search one event I have already created,it gives me the report there are no events in the database meeting your current criteria.
    Is it a bug?

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Hard to say. The search only searches some fields, and requires an exact match for your search. It searches title, description, short description, location label, and location city. Withou knowing what your search term was and what the event info is, I really can’t tell whether that’s a bug.

    Exact match?I try to search the exact key words now,but still nothing turns out.Are you sure if the search function is working fine on the latest version of WordPress?

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Yes, I’m sure it works on the latest version of WordPress. But that doesn’t mean that I know it works in your particular situation: perhaps there’s something about the yet you’re searching, or a conflict with another plugin, etc.

    Can you give me details about your search and your event info?

    As I said,it’s a brand new wordpress without any plugins installed except My calendar.
    I created an event called “good to test it”,then I searched “good to test it” but the result turned out like this:

    There are no events in the database meeting your current criteria.

    Then I go to search results for “good to test it” on database by using phpMyAdmin.I see 1 match in wp_my_calendar,but when I clicked “browse”,it gives me this report:

    Error in Processing Request
    Error code: 414
    Error text: Request-URI Too Long

    anyway,if I select the form of wp_my_calendar,i can see the event_tiele of “good to test it” there as well as event_desc of “bad to ingore it”.

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    The second problem is outside of WordPress, so not directly relevant. What happens if you just search “good”?

    If I search “good”,the result is the same to search “good to test it” on My calendar search engine.I tried to create a lot of events,and search a little bit,but nothing comes up so far.

    I suspect the second problem causes it,and I have no clue about this issue,on PhpMyAdmin I can search and browse any results from datebase normally except from my calendar.

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    That’s very weird. Do your events show up on the front-end? I’ve never encountered a situation where My Calendar’s tables are throwing an error in PHPMyAdmin; you may need to consult with your host to try and see what’s going on. I don’t know enough about your environment to even guess.

    Yes,the events show up on the front-end.

    I am using XAMPP to quickly set up MySQL,PHP for wordpress on my window 8,so I am just like the host who got root access to the environment.

    I just installed the wordpress on a real linux server environment,this time I am able to search and browse the database from wp_my_calendar on PHPMyAdmin.But still no any search results on My Calendar search engine.

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Can you submit a support request via the support form on the My Calendar Help screen? I’d appreciate it; it would give me some additional information about your environment.

    I think the support request on the My Calendar Help screen doesn’t give you the report that I am using a remote datebase for my wordpress,hehe,I just switched to use the local datebase,now I can get search result from the My Calendar search engine.

    So the issue is crystal clear now,because I am using remote datebase for my wordpress,I can’t get any search result on My Calendar search engine.
    I turned on the option to get data from a remote database on My Calendar management and added the datebase coonection code to my theme’s functions.php,but it seems doesn’t work at all.I don’t see any sign the My Calendar is connecting to the remote datebase.

    Is it possible the reason we can only use My Calendar search engine to search local datebase only?

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    You shouldn’t have access to the manage events page at all if you’re pulling events from a remote database; if you’re doing that, then all event management takes place on the remote install.

    If the remote DB function isn’t being picked up, that mode won’t turn on. Can you verify that the function is in your functions.php file in your theme and not wrapped in another conditional query?

    Geez,I thought I should have manage events pages if I am using the remote datebase connection code on my theme’s function.php.Maybe my calendar did connect to the remote datebase since I misunderstood it.

    Anyway,it’s no point to use extra remote datebase for getting the My Calendar search engine works since I don’t have manage event option for that.

    Why not you try using your wordpress to connect the remote database,and see if you can get search result from My Calendar search engine?

    Plugin Author Joe Dolson


    Maybe I’m not clear on what you’re doing; are you talking about the event search on the manage events page, or are you talking about the event search in the sidebar widget?

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