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  1. zhenbiny
    Posted 2 years ago #

    hi, I encountered a problem,I use the multisite (version 3.5.2),and create aaa.blog.abc.com,bbb.blog.abc.com....many diffierent site.
    Now I want to manage all the sites's posts in My main site(blog.abc.com) by super- admin account,is there any plugins can be done? Now in the main site ,I can only manage the main site's post BY click the posts->all posts,how can I display all site's post in this page?


  2. You don't need a plugin for this. As super-admin, you can log in to any site and edit it all you want.

  3. zhenbiny
    Posted 2 years ago #

    thank you ,but if we have many sub-sites ,I want the super-admin can list all the published posts and manager them directly.The same is for all the comments.

  4. Again, as super admin, you can go to each site and see everyone and do everything.

    You MUST manage each site separately (i.e. in it's own wp-admin), that's the entire point of Multisite :)

  5. zhenbiny
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Again thanks,The real reason was the user don't want go to each site to do this ,he is our customer and department leader,I also have no choice.
    Now I have write a page to list all site's post.

  6. You may not want Multisite if you're not letting the site admins actually ... admin their site.

    Remember: Multisite is multiple SEPARATE sites.

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