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  1. dfiller
    Posted 2 years ago #

    Pulling out my hair on this one.

    Running MAMP on my local machine (MacBook Pro) and attempted to pull down a WP installation from a production environment this evening. Copied the DB over, updated the URI's in the DB, all the usual suspects.

    When I open localhost:8888 in the browser I get the default Apache "It Works!" screen. However, if I redirect the browser to localhost:8888/wp-login.php it resolves fine and loads the login screen.

    Wondered if it was a site issue, but attempted to redirect Apache to several other sites I have locally and the same issue occurred so it's definitely server related.

    Moved the files to another computer (iMac) and there were no complications at all – site displays fine.

    Curious, anyone have this issue before? Thoughts?


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