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    I’m running a 2005 PowerPC OS 10.5.8 and am not a coder. I’m a motion graphic designer trying to learn some web development skills.

    I wonder if I need to buy a new computer to get any kind of localhosting to work? Both my Firefox and Safari browsers have been showing error flags saying they are out of date for months now. Google Chrome doesn’t run on my PowerPC either. Also I can’t find a coding text editor to run on my old hardware. Is there one?

    Following some of these earlier threads with similar problems, I opened the wp-config.php and changed the DB Name, User, Password and Host info to root, root and localhose etc….

    The wp-config.php file opens up in Dreamweaver since I own Abode Creative Suite CS3. Not sure if it saves the file back to a php file or not but it says it is in the “Get Info”. I’m not familiar with Dreamweaver. Then I see one tutorial to do something with the wp-config-sample.php file but they don’t explain the relationship.

    Additionally I set up a database in GoDaddy first to play around with the WordPress theme Twenty Eleven. I want to stick with this default theme to make things easier and there’s a compreshensive lesson covering this theme on called “WordPress Essential Training”
    with Morten Rand-Hendriksen.

    So do I have all these problems?
    Old PowerPC architecture
    No code text editor compatible with PowerPC
    Conflicting Database setup from GoDaddy

    I suppose whatever preliminary things I did like adding some content and plug-ins to Twenty Eleven theme are going to wiped out now that it seems I have to create a new database using MAMP right?

    I didn’t realize until later I would have to create a child theme and it seems a localhost setup is needed to develop a child theme right?

    Sorry for all the questions but I’m in need of some basic info regarding workflow, setup and directions forward. Thanks.

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  • I did a fresh install of wordpress and started the whole development over locally. This resolved conflicting databases from live and local. I also found an old version of Text Wrangler. But is there a better way to work on a child theme locally? Or should I work live? Here’s the issue.

    Godaddy or maybe all web hosting has this convoluted process to go live from my MAMP Local Host. If I want to show my client daily updates I have to do this:

    Export localDB.SQL

    Edit localDB.SQL Find and replace local url with live urls

    Edit Local wp-config file. Keep this for later use.
    Replace local wp-config.php file with live wp-config.php file.

    Can this be done once and reused each time or does the wp-config.php absorb other changes while I’m working on the child theme? If this is so then I have to go through a similar process with this file as with the database file.

    Convoluted upload process from GoDaddy:
    Importing sql files into mysql databases using phpmyadmin

    Even when everything is done right not all local changes will transfer:

    – I still have to go into WordPress Dashboard and reset Permalinks
    – I still have to go into WordPress Twenty Eleven Theme Customization Tab as all customizations have to be reset.

    So what would be the best practices for developing this child theme? I heard from a GoDaddy supervisor that I could work live and install a password management plug-in to turn access off and on for client reviews while in progress. That way I can show the client the site what I reach milestones and they’re not confused when looking at unfinished phases. So I’m wondering why anyone would want to work locally if all this time is eaten up going live?

    The original question was resolved but the second issue I think deserves a separate thread the more I think about it.

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