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    If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it!!

    I started a blog on about two weeks ago. My intent is to have fun, and to make a bit of pocket money. So I went to add google ads to my blog, and of course realized that you can’t do that with

    I am trying to set this up as easily as possible (don’t know how to code or anything like that). I heard I should switch from to, that I need a host, like bluehost, and/or MAMP? I am so confused. If anyone could help me and tell me the easiest method to get my blog up and running, and be able to add some ads, that all I want to do.

    Thank you so much!!!

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  • If you want to transfer your WordPress contact from .com to .org, then here’s a help article that Bluehost created for doing that:



    OK great, thank you.
    Now do I need this whole MAMP thing?
    And once I transfer from .com to .org with bluehost, do I log in the same way and everything is back to “normal”?
    (sorry, total newbie!)

    You do not need MAMP if you are going from .COM to a hosted site with Bluehost.

    MAMP is if you want to run a WP install on your own Mac for testing, staging, etc.



    Oh Ok great! Thanks 2ninerniner2!

    One last thing, I am trying to do the tutorial video that BH_WP_Guru sent me, and I got the the part where I have exported my files from and it says “Now that your file has been saved, please log into the WordPress dashboard on your new site”
    It doesn’t explain any further. What is my new site? I went to and downloaded it, but it seems to be just a bunch of files. I have a mac…

    Now you have to set up your new WP site at Bluehost (or the like).

    For that you will need a top level domain (TLD) name ( and a hosting account.

    If you accessed your .COM site with for example, then you will need the TLD to assign to your hosting account.

    Once that is set up and WP installed, you can then perform the rest of those instructions.



    I went to bluehost and noticed a wordpress button, so I pressed that and it took me through this install, but it now says that my URL is some long thing with numbers. Not the simple
    Agh! I am the worst at this!! Would love some help 🙂



    I access my site with (I paid more to not have the part
    and what is the TLD?

    I am not familiar with the BH installs, but that could be your temporary URL for your hosting account.

    You will have to change the nameservers wherever you registered so that they now use your BH ones.

    I checked the WHOIS db and your nameservers are still pointed to your .COM site.

    Nameservers for BH:

    To change your existing nameservers to the above:

    what is the TLD?

    … that’s your URL 🙂 is a TLD.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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