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    I’m having trouble running a scan. When I click the blue scan button it appeasr to simply refresh the same wp-admin page but with nothing but the wp-admin gray background. I still see the left admin pane and the top admin bar but the page content is empty.

    No errors on the page, no errors in the browser console and no errors in the wp debug.log.

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  • I had same problem; turned out to be a lack of memory. My host was killing the process because my site was using too much memory. Decided to move to a VPS and scan ran just fine.

    Hi there,

    You should be able to check the error logs and find the cause. And, yes, lack of memory or a timeout are the likely causes.

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    I had same problem.
    Wordpress v4.7.2 + Sucuri Security v1.8.3
    No errors in log.
    256M of memory.
    PHP max execution time 60 sec
    The Malware scan page is blank after 33 second scanning time.
    Plugin don’t count these scans.

    Hi there,

    You can set up to 60 seconds for the Malware scan timeout in Sucuri Security -> Settings -> Scanner

    The default is 30 seconds.


    Ok, now I have blank result page after 65 seconds. Have you once more idea?

    Are you able to visit https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/ and scan your site?

    Status: No Malware Detected by External Scan. Additional Actions Recommended!
    Web Trust: Not Currently Blacklisted (10 Blacklists Checked)

    System Details:
    Running on: nginx/1.10.1
    Powered by: PHP/5.6.16

    Web application details:
    Application: WordPress – http://www.wordpress.org

    Web application version:
    WordPress version: 4.7.3
    RevSlider version: 4.3.8
    WordPress theme: /wp-content/themes/Terra/
    Wordpress internal path: /docs/wp-content/themes/Terra/index.php

    In Sucuri Security -> Settings -> API Service you’ll see the ability to test your site’s API communication. Is the connection for sitecheck.sucuri.net failing?

    Yes. I see ERROR for sitecheck.sucuri.net url. But this one only.

    Both https and http
    Both curl and socket

    Hello @efess please check with your hosting provider to see if they have any restriction in the server that prevents the plugin to send HTTP requests to SiteCheck. You can also test by yourself by executing this command via SSH (if your hosting provider allows you to use it).

    curl "https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/?fromwp=2&json=1&clear=1&scan=johnhackedsite.com" -w "
    Connection: %{time_connect} secs
    Total Time: %{time_total} secs
    DNS Lookup: %{time_namelookup} secs
    Download Speed: %{speed_download}
    " -o /dev/null -s

    Notice that a fresh scan takes several seconds, most websites end up taking +20 secs but I have seen cases where the scanner takes +5 minutes to finish. You will need to consider this during the execution of the scans, the size of the website and the density of the code will significantly affect the performance of the web scanner.

    Marking as resolved, feel free to re-open if the issue persists.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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