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    I have a multi wordpress install and one blogger identified malware. Here’s a screen shot she sent me:

    Looking through the various options of how to resolve the issue indicated either money to be spend or I need to get very technical very quickly.

    Lucky I am with Hostgator. And I decided to try them before I do anything. In the past they were always very helpful. Very.

    Not to my surprise they resolved the problem.

    I am just very grateful that I am with
    And this is their advice:


    We have discovered malicious content on your site as referenced below, and upon inspection we found that malware had indeed been injected into your account.
    The vast majority of injections are done by malicious users who have found exploits in scripts previously (and legitimately) installed on the account. Some are also the result of a compromised password due to a virus-infected PC, so please make sure to scan any computer used to access this account with at least two anti-virus programs. We have taken the below actions to prevent further malicious activities.

    Please make sure to update your password to update all the scripts/plugins on your account to the latest version.

    It appears that the wordpress site was compromised due to a vulnerability in the timthumb script used by the theme suffusion.

    The following files were removed from your account:

    removed `/home/johanhor/public_html/ilocals/wp-content/uploads/_wp_cache.php’

    We have cleaned over 700 files which were injected, you can find a full list in the following file:

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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