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  • Hello, actually few hrs ago i found that i am facing malware notice on my website, i found that code which effect my website and i removed that but still google search results are showing that error of Malware found please help me how to resolve this.


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    Read it carefully and all the links in it. Clean up completely, do not just patch. When you’re done, have Google re-index your website.

    Good luck.

    I have checked and scaned whole site but the only thing remaining is Blacklisted you can check this :

    I guess Securi looks at Google. I don’t know how they work. Did you use Google Webmastertools to request a new crawl?

    yaa i have that what exactly i have to do with that!

    Fortunately I have no experience with that, but just ask Google.

    I have Deleted my previous wordpress and now i have installed new one but when i am importing my backup all i imported well except images/media it says error like failed to import.

    now you please tell me how i can easily import whole blog as it is running previously with images and all posts.

    help me soon


    did you delete your old site?

    because the export tool exports an XML without the images. just a path with location to the actual images.

    do you have a webmaster account on google?
    if so make sure your site/hosting/pages are clean and resubmit your website.

    it takes 24 to 48 hours for Google to re-evaluate your website

    How to Recover my website from Google Searches Actually my website clean now i have did all steps for cleaning up website and i made review to google also but still in google my links are showing infected how to resolve that please help me!

    Did you follow all the steps in the link provided by Roy above? If not still there be security holes and you can still be infected.

    If you are sure that your site is clean you can go to your webmaster tools account and request a reconsideration.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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