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  • Hi,

    I get a malware notification from google when I go to my website ( that is hosted on goDaddy and using the Suerte WP theme. I’m barely able to understand what they suggest I do and wondering if there is another/easier way to fix this issue besides everything they suggest on > … wer=163634

    Like can I delete all the files on the FTP site (Except XYZ and reload the theme and my custom stuff)?

    Feeling a bit lost here… Please help. Thanks.

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  • When i check here > I don’t see anything. Should I just relist with google?

    Do you have any other links to your site posted around? facebook maybe? they may be redirecting to malware sites. You may have an htaccess hack.

    If you can get on your server and access your htaccess file in your wp folder.

    Copy the file info and Contact your hosting company. This information can help identify whether your account is compromised (you are the owner of the file and only you can modify it) or it was done by some script.

    Delete htaccess and reset permalinks through wp admin. This will recreate the file.
    Make sure the write permissions for the htaccess file are 644. Change your passwords for wp and your hosting account. Then see what happens.

    It could have happened because of malware on your machine, infecting your ftp.

    Hi DeepBevel,

    Thanks for the reply. I have access to the FTP files, but where would htaccess be at exactly? I have several wordpress folders with subfolders in them.

    I do have links to the site on Facebook in my account as well as on my profile page on Twitter. I’m sure other sites (unrelated to me) have links to the site as well. Is that what you are talking about?

    The htaccess in in the root directory of your wp installation folder.

    And yes, any links to your site may be currenntly redirecting to malware. I think if you copy the link into a text file you can see if it’s redirects or points where it should, but don’t open it or you may get infected.

    Also keep in mind I’m not an expert, this happened to me before and I’m only sharing what I did to solve it.

    Was digging around some more on this so wanted to post an update. According to a google scan of my site, they found this line of code that was an issue…

    Here’s an image of the line of code so not to post it here >

    As I looked around my site, sure enough, every index.php file had this code at the bottom of it.

    So I went through and cleaned that up. Now hoping to get Google to unblock the site.

    well then, it wasn’t what I suggested it might be. Glad you got rid of it, but gotta wonder how it got there. Find out what you can about it, but hopefully it’s gone for good.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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