"Malware Detected" on Dashboard... but only in Chrome [NSFW] (4 posts)

  1. Epiphora
    Posted 6 years ago #

    My website is http://heyepiphora.com (if you are offended by sex toys, do not visit it.)

    I'm getting this malware warning when I try to access the Dashboard in Google Chrome: http://heyepiphora.com/warning.png It doesn't seem to be happening when I access the Dashboard in Firefox.

    I've run the Exploit Scanner, which found that no core files have been modified, and no suspicious plugins. However, there is this:

    Suspicious Settings

    Some settings on your blog contain suspicious text that may have been placed there by hackers.

    * _transient_feed_867bd5c64f85878d03a060509cd2f92c

    I have no idea what that means.

    I'm trying to think of what I have changed recently, although it's hard to know since I usually use Firefox rather than Chrome. The most recent plugin I installed was Pretty Link. I have some ads and quite a few affiliate links, so I'm not sure where to start there.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Robert Chapin
    Posted 6 years ago #

    The most important thing to ask yourself is whether there should be content from ampleassociation.com on your website. If you didn't put it there yourself, then yes Chrome is giving you a valid warning.

  3. Epiphora
    Posted 6 years ago #

    I know it's a valid warning, but I have no idea where this content is. I need help finding it.

  4. Samuel B

    Posted 6 years ago #

    not tagging your site NSFW is not cool

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