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  • Hello,

    First of all, thank you for this extraordinary theme! Maybe the best theme outside there! 🙂

    I wanted not just to say thank you, but to tell you something that has happened with your theme:

    My website was hacked weeks ago.. It was terrible and my site was very infected.. after a deep cleaning.. I found on my database severals websites links and I was wondering if all those links were a virus or malware from the attack.. I’ve checked some of those websites and yes.. effectively some of them were containing virus and malware. My surprise start when I noticed that those links were inserted into text written by Oceanwp / Blog.

    I’ve searched portions of those texts on google and I found that were written for people participating on your blog / site. My questions are:

    – Why does my Website has all those full blogs / texts inserted on my DataBase with links, some of them containing virus / malware ?? How can be possible ??
    – How can I clean all those texts and where specifically they are hidden ??
    – Does my website receiving those texts peridiocally ?? (I think that yes! Because some of those texts are from july and august..)
    – Did you check all the people that write on your Website / Blog ??
    – Is OceanWP theme really safe to use ??
    – Are you using my website to redirecting people to your website ??

    I would really like a good explanation because maybe I’m missing something or I’m wrong! But I’m very sure that I don’t want those “news” updated on my database with dangerous links.

    Below I’ll share some texts (that you can search by yourself on google) and you’ll find your own Oceanwp blog:

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    And here I’ll share some useless links that I found on my database that came from those entire inserted blogs on my database (only open if you have an antivirus!):

    [redacted – please do not post links to malware]

    Thank you for your answers and support on this Topic !

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  • Hello,

    That’s odd. OceanWP is a completely neat and clean wordpress theme. Try to install the Sucuri Security plugin to clean the site. We will also check the issue on our end. Thank you for letting us know.

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