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  • Our blog has masses of hits from Swedish IP’s recently, all end up on the same page. They are all apparently from a small area of central Sweden and are different since the IP address varies, they are all first timers and the operating system varies (almost all different flavours of windows but some are mac and android mobiles). They are not attempting to spam me and no hacking has taken place, but it seems unlikely that half of Sweden is interested in one blog post. Has anyone seen this their blog and is there an explanation?

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  • Hardening WordPress is a good resource. Dig deep into this and use plugins to stop any hacking attempts. Also keep making backups regularly.

    It is possible if the post is something that appeals to that particular market. Somewhere like Sweden (especially in the winter) people will spend more time on their comptuers/phones/etc because it’s to cold to do much else. If you get something interesting then it will be shared and people will click on it.

    There’s also the hacking attepmt explanation as well as a few others. The biggest thing that you have said is that you can’t see them doing any damage or attempting anything bad, so there’s a chance that it’s just some viral link that people are interested in. If it is automated then it would most likely be searching for something that it thinks has a vunerability.

    Yes thanks its fading now i.e. the people from Sweden have almost stopped visiting that page its been viewed by a few other nationalities but not to the same extent… I’ve just had a few hits from Sweden on a more recent post which was the subject of a spam blog comment attempt…

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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