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  1. Envec83
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    Last week I noticed a malicious redirect on my navigation links (that is, the "Next Posts" pointing to Page 2, Page 3 and so on). I know some of you guys will say "it's the navigation plugin," but I don't use any.

    Here is one example of the links appearing on my site:


    Somehow the redirect is not working though, cause once I click on the link I go to Page 2 of my blog normally (the URL contains the malicious link though). The traffic stats are also normal, so I am not losing visitors or anything.

    I checked all my database tables and site files and couldn't find anything.

    One clue I have is that it might be related to WP-SuperCache, because once I clear the cache files the malicious link disappears. I also removed the plugin completely and it seemed to solve the problem. Once I re-installed WP-SuperCache the links came back.

    Does anyone have a clue about where is the attack coming from?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  2. esmi
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  3. Envec83
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    I think it was hacked as well, but I think it's a cache-related hack. Else there would be no explanation for the redirect links to appear only when caching is turned on.

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