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    Hi there,

    I’ve integrated this plugin into a Woocommerce store but am getting the above error from SagePay when trying to process a transaction (both in ‘test’ and ‘live’ modes).

    I’ve set up debugging and get the following back from SagePay when trying to process:

    Payment Gateway Request: Array
    [CardHolder] => Simon Leedham
    [CardNumber] => 0000000000000000
    [StartDate] => 1209
    [ExpiryDate] => 1219
    [CV2] => 123
    [CardType] => MC
    [VendorTxCode] => timereel-131211151243-13818014
    [VPSProtocol] => 2.23
    [Vendor] => timereel
    [Description] => timereel
    [Currency] => GBP
    [TxType] => PAYMENT
    [Amount] =>
    [CustomerEMail] =>
    [BillingSurname] =>
    [BillingFirstnames] =>
    [BillingAddress1] =>
    [BillingAddress2] =>
    [BillingCity] =>
    [BillingState] =>
    [BillingPostCode] =>
    [BillingCountry] =>
    [BillingPhone] =>
    [DeliverySurname] =>
    [DeliveryFirstnames] =>
    [DeliveryAddress1] =>
    [DeliveryAddress2] =>
    [DeliveryCity] =>
    [DeliveryState] =>
    [DeliveryPostCode] =>
    [DeliveryCountry] =>
    [DeliveryPhone] =>

    As you can see above none of the info is being passed over from the ‘Amount’ onwards, have you had this issue before?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    It appears to be missing all the WC_Order information.

    Also I assume you are using 5404000000000001 for the MC test card

    Are you running on a local installation or is it running from a web hosting company?

    What version WordPress & Woocommerce are you running – I will try and reproduce your issue.



    Hi Steve,

    This seems to have resolved itself with some tweaks to the WooCommerce settings. The website is now up and running with SagePay payments integrated and all seems well.

    Thanks for your reply though and great plugin!



Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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