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    The following repeats and edits some information I posted on someone else’s thread.

    If I create a hyperlink using the link button in the Text window of a new post, it does not work properly.

    Here’s what I found. The first set is using the Link button, it seems to be malformed. The second set was generated using the same information in the Kompozer web editor, then copied and pasted in. The Kompozer version works. The primary difference I see is the use of the title= text and the location of the title relative to the > that ends the link information in the WordPress version.

    This is the link generated by WordPress: <a href="" title="Bronx Chapter" target="_blank"></a>
    This is that link without the “code” ticks, as it shows on the website:
    Nothing to the right of the : shows on the post.

    This is the link using Kompozer: <a href="" target="_blank">Bronx Chapter</a>
    This is that link without the “code” ticks: Bronx Chapter
    It works as expected, displays “Bronx Chapter” in hyperlink color and has the link underlying the text.

    The site is, but I have not posted the example.

    I played with the content of the WP link a little more. It seems that the critical difference is that the link format that works has a “>” after the link information and then the label text. In addition, if “title=” is left in it displays in the post as title=”Bronx Chapter” in hyperlink color.

    So, to fix the WP generated link: move the title past the >, remove the title=” as well as the final .

    I think that this is a WP bug that really needs to be fixed!

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  • I think you’re confusing the HTML title attribute with the actual text of the link as displayed on a website.


    <a href="" title="It's a cool website">Cool Stuff</a>

    would display a clickable Cool Stuff link on the site with the title attribute “It’s a cool website”. The attribute would be available as a tooltip on hover.

    To create the link in the WordPress editor, simply type and then highlight what you want to appear on the site, click link in the editor menu and then enter your desired URL and optionally your title attribute. The text you typed will then be wrapped in a tags.

    You can find information regarding the HTML title attribute here:

    You’re absolutely right!
    I think my confusion stemmed from the similarity in appearance of the dialog boxes for WP and Kompozer, but whose boxes have different meanings.

    I did not realize that “title” was the equivalent of alt text on an image, and displayed on hover.


    I’ve had this problem several times – at least my (mis)interpreter is set up for consistent behavior. 😉

    It doesn’t work for me. I still have the same problem. I highlighted the text, clicked on link and typed my link. refreshed the page, and this is what I see

    Normal text:
    This is a cool website

    Hyperlinked “cool”

    This is a
    cool **(the color shows as white unless I change itmanually)**

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