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    On a client’s project, I’m geting a malformed 1st definition on a page that comes out looking like this:

    “Only art and definition=”explanatory-dictionary-definition-10″>science give us a hope for a higher life.” —Ludwig van Beethoven

    Looking at the source, this is what’s happening:

    <span class="explanatory-dictionary-highlight" data-<span class="explanatory-dictionary-highlight" data-definition="explanatory-dictionary-definition-42">definition</span>="explanatory-dictionary-definition-10">science</span>

    rather than:

    <span class="explanatory-dictionary-highlight" data-definition="explanatory-dictionary-definition-42"> science </span>

    It seems to be nesting a second span within the first.

    I tried adding the [no-explanation][/no-explanation] tags around the word, and then the second definition on the page breaks the same way.

    I’ve not seen this on any other pages.

    However, I noticed that the client had the work “definition” defined. When I set that glossary term to “Draft” status the problem corrected itself. Odd that it only happened on that one page, though.

    Can you somehow allow the word “definition” to be defined and not break like this?


    Page in question:

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    This problem has occurred before, and at that time it happened because a term had an empty synonym (or it was ending with a , but nothing behind it) That problem will be fixed in the future, but for now can you have a look at the word ‘definition’ and see if that word had an empty synonym?

    If this does not solve the problem I will have a look if I can reproduce the problem with the term ‘definition’

    The term definition did not have any synonyms defined. Actually, the client isn’t using the Synonyms field at all, so hopefully it can be fixed at some point, so I can re-activate the term.

    Ironically, the client just asked to disable the auto-tooltip functionality completely, which I did by just setting the “Limit number of tooltips shown” to “0”, so I guess I can actually re-publish the ‘definition’ term now anyway.

    On that note, is there a way to just manually, via shortcode, indicate which individual words/occurances should be defined in the text? It’d be nice to have that as an option rather then just the auto-tooltip with the threshold setting.

    Like-wise, it’s be nice if the “Exclude tooltips from” had an option to invert as well to be “Include tooltips from”, as with the include, if you don’t want them in posts you have to always go back and select new posts, etc.


    Plugin Author EXED internet


    Hello Michael,

    Thank you for the feedback, I’m glad it worked out, although not really as intended.

    The fix for the synonyms will come in the future and will be in the notes at that time so keep an eye out for that.

    As for the extra options, these sound good and might be implemented in the future but not at the moment.

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