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    Hi! I am currently setting up a small business where I make facebook fan pages for clients and host their fan pages on my domain name on a sub directory.

    When the domain name and is typed in the search bar – they still gives a warning of “Do you want to view only webpage content thats delivered securely? – This webpage contains content that will not be delivered using a secure HTTPS connection, which could compromise the security of the entire webpage.”

    When clicked yes, the information still shows in the web browser. However when I call the domain name: into iframe on facebook it comes up with “Navigation to the webpage was cancelled” within the iframe on the facebook fan page.

    What am I doing wrong that facebook still thinks that the website page is not secure? How do I fix this problem? I have tried your plugin.. maybe I’m not doing something right? And how to I stop the browser from bring up a warning message of the webpage not being secure when I have uploaded my SSL certificate and uploaded your plugin? 🙁 Please help!!

    Thank you for your time.


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  • Oh and here is the link to the facebook fan page that isn’t working under and secure account..!/mainlandair?sk=app_190603390990155

    I am also hosting on hostgator with their FREE SLL business plan certificate which is on our domain name: Thanks

    Are you understanding and using the Hostgator “shared ssl” urls?

    Just go to the Hostgator support “knowledge base” and search for “shared ssl”

    Their naming scheme for using this is:
    “https:// server-name cpanel-user-name /path-to-your-domain /domain”

    For example, using an account I recently closed at Hostgator.
    My “server-name” = gator1012
    (this is available on the left side of the front page of “cpanel” when you log into it)

    My “cpanel user name” was = bemlee

    I stored/created all my addon domains in a folder called “addon”, so my
    “path-to-your-domain” was = addon

    And the (addon) domain was =

    So, starting with

    “https:// server-name cpanel-user-name /path-to-your-domain /domain”

    Using these values

    “https:// server-name=gator1012 cpanel-user-name=bemlee /path-to-your-domain=addon /”


    “https:// gator1012 bemlee /addon /”

    Get rid of the spaces and quotes, and

    is the URL I had to use to utilized Hostgators Shared SSL.

    It’s also the URL that had to be used in the “Secure Canvas URL” at the Facebook App editing page.

    My Canvas URL might have been:
    but my “Secure Canvas URL” (using Hostgator shared ssl) was

    leefsr, my “Secure Canvas URL” is .

    It opens on the browser, however when I put this in “Secure Canvas URL” and open the facebook app URL, it displays a not found error:
    The requested URL /~klevisi/test/ was not found on this server.

    Any ideas?

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