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Making website mobile compatible

  • sriram_shankar



    I have a website (http://www.knowthelaw.in) which was created with WordPress and is presently hosted on GoDaddy.

    I find that it is not mobile compatible at all. I tried to install the plugins WPTouch and WordPress Mobile Pack and activated them. This, however, has had no effect on the website.

    My question(s):
    1. How do I make my website mobile compatible?
    2. Why do the above two plugins not work?
    3. What can I do to make them work?


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  • WPyogi
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    Why are you using a mobile plugin at all. Twentyeleven theme is quite good on mobile devices as is.



    @wpyogi: Thank you for replying. I tried accessing the website with a mobile web browser (Opera, Opera Mini etc.). The website does not look good – unless of course I am missing turning on some option or the other.

    BraveNewCode Inc.


    http://www.knowthelaw.in seems to be a very basic site that would likely be compatible with WPtouch. What sorts of issues were you experiencing? You want to be sure you do not activate WPtouch with any other mobile plugins or redirection code in place as conflicts will likely occur.


    I have the same issue as well, my website is http://www.scissorsnstitches.in and it just wouldn’t load right on mobile devices.

    Tried almost almost everything that was suggested on the net, but the issue persists.
    Even the plugins do not have seem to have any effect.

    Please help!!

    Plugin Author anghelalexandra



    Can you give me more details, like what happened when you installed a mobile plugin? Did the mobile plugin not load at all (when accessing the website from a mobile device) or was it showing some other errors?

    If you have tried both WordPress Mobile Pack and WPTouch and didn’t work, then it might have something to do with your theme (especially if it was customized) or existing plugins.


    Yours is an e-commerce website, so I think the best way to go mobile would be to use a responsive theme. I just accessed your website on my phone and it’s true that it has some issues when displaying on a small screen (mostly it looks like the theme was not customized properly), but I think it would be much easier to fix those issues than start from scratch with a different theme.

    Overall, WordPress Mobile Pack 2.0 is intended for publishers / bloggers and displaying articles, so it would not be a good match for you.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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