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Making the detailed event box bigger

  • Hi

    Cant see my query elsewhere and suspect the answer lies in editing the style sheet?

    Some of the events I add to the calendar have quite long titles.

    I have set the setting to detailed event display.

    When I hover over the entry the box appears but the title is spread above and below the thick title line and the second line obscures the time of the event.

    Can any one advise how to amend the setting to make the full text visible?


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  • Plugin Author Bev


    For most people, adding position:relative to “.calnk a:hover div div.event-title-break” fixes this problem.


    Thanks for the reply – not quite a novice but not far off – understand you are talking about the style sheet for the calendar – have found the entry that starts of ‘.calnk etc

    Where do I insert ‘piosition:relative to’ and is there any more text ?

    Have tried just inserting those words and it makes no difference – have tried changing the margin top size and its made some difference but you then see less of the detail ie time and event details.



    This was a similar issue but the poster moved on before the resolution was posted.


    Plugin Author Bev


    The code to insert would be:

    .calnk a:hover div div.event-title-break { position: relative; }

    If I could see the page I could advise you more accurately.


    Thanks for the on going support, and yes link to the page would help!

    Here it is http://stwerburghschurchkingsley.org.uk/?page_id=7

    Inserted the code – it has revealed the detail but now the title text is partly obscured / missing albeit the black dividing line is no longer visible.

    Plugin Author Bev


    This should do it:

    .calnk a:hover div div {
    position: relative;
    width: auto; }

    Please let me know if this helps. I am tempted to add this to the default css since this seems to be a common problem.


    Yes it worked – wasn’t sure whether it was a separate entry or part of an existing – but trying each revealed it was a separate entry.

    For a couple of lines of code it makes it easier to read and takes longer titles etc.



Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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