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  • Hello,

    I use 1and1 as I’ve seen mentioned in a few posts. And I agree, their customer service has been non-existent. I have my blog up and it works fine, but I would like to make some cosmetic changes to font sizes, icons, side bar stuff, the usual.

    I see that the style sheets are in a wp-content subfolder of my main domain, supposedly, but I can’t see this folder in my FTP software. Is it a hidden folder typically?

    I’ve read the install instructions on this site as well, but I’m thinking that if I do all that, I’d overwrite what’s out there already. I’m thinking that I just need to figure out why I wouldn’t be able to get to the WordPress files in the folder. (I could be thinking wrong, though.)

    Thank you for any help!!!


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  • Every theme has its own stylesheet in the wp-content/themes/theme-name-here/ folder.
    Make a backup copy before you start messing around with it.

    Thanks for the reply, moshu, but that’s my problem. I can’t see the wp-content folder for some reason. Do you know why I might not see it?

    Looking in the wrong place? Do you see other WP files and folders?
    It is there:

    Yes, I see it when I view the source. I cannot see it when I FTP into my domain.

    I’ll ask again (and last time): do you see any other WP files and folders? If not – your are definitely looking in the wrong place!

    I’m sorry. I thought I was pretty clear in what I was describing. I cannot see the wp-content (or any other wp folders) among my FTP folders.

    Maybe you could suggest what the “right place” would be? Maybe that’s the solution I need! thanks

    How did you install it? OK, this my sound like a rhetoric question…

    Do you have a folder like public_html or htdocs or www?
    Usually, all your content should be in a folder like that.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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