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    I searched an answer for the past 2 days, but didn’t find anything. So here I am, wandering if one of you could have a solution.

    One part of my portfolio is made of a parent page that lists 15 sub-pages. the parent page shows a gallery of 15 thumbnails that link to those sub-pages. this gallery is created automatically because the parent page is set to the “list sub-pages” template.

    However, I’d like 5 of those 15 thumbnails to be un-clickable. But it is important that they still appear on the parent page. as they are part of the portfolio. So I need the sub-page to existe so that I can get the featured image (thumbnail) in the parent page, but I don’t want the thumbnail to be clickable and link to these subpages. I’d like that nothing happens when the mouse touch these thumbnails. in Brief, those 5 subpages would be empty and just allow me to have the 5 thumbnails to complete the portfolio.

    Is there a solution to inactivate those links specifically without affecting all 15 of them… either trough CSS, HTML or plugins

    Thank you!

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    There’s likely a number of approaches, depending on how the thumbs and links are generated in the first place. Maybe you could add a custom field called “provide_link” or something to each sub-page, it’s value would be true or false.

    Then as each thumb html is output on the parent page, if the provide_link field is true, then the necessary link html is output as well, otherwise, just the image html is output.

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