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  • Hey guys, I require a little help with making static pages. The theme I’m using is Wootheme’s Feature Pitch. You can it here:

    What it does is it fetch a few featured pages and displays mini previews of those pages onto the homepage. (see demo). The homepage, thus, is not auto-updating with the latest posts. But technically speaking, it’s still a dynamic page since it fetches the pages to display as preview.

    If I were to use a split-testing tool, this couldn’t work. It has to be a static page. I’ve tried to use create static a homepage from wordpress, but it looks like I can only set a specific page… or a specific post to be the static homepage. I want to the homepage as it is, but I want it static.

    I hope I’m making sense here.

    P.S. I’m using wordpress because I’m not great at coding. I know I could’ve build a regular website and be done with it.

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