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  1. garethmawdsley
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm very new to wordpress and have developed a website in http://www.scissorsafe.co.uk/wordpress. I log on via http://www.scissorsafe.co.uk/wordpress/wp-admin. In the next few days, I'm looking to put the site live so it's accessible via http://www.scissorsafe.co.uk. In order for me to do this, I'm going to follow the instructions here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress and more specifically, the 'On your existing server' section. However, before I start this I've got a few questions if somebody could be so kind to answer.
    1. Am I right in following the instructions linked above and more specifically the 'On your existing server' section?
    2. When I move the wordpress files over from http://www.domain.com/wordpress to http://www.domainname.com, should I be copying them or moving them?
    3. Should I copy/move (depending on the answer above) every single file and folder in the subdirectory, or just certain ones - if so, which ones?
    4. All my links to pages point to http://www.domain.com/wordpress/filename. What do I do about this, is there a quick way for them to point at the new file location: http://www.domain.com/filename?
    5. After the site is moved and pointing to http://www.domain.com, after that point where do I login to admin? Would it be the same page as before http://www.scissorsafe.co.uk/wordpress/wp-admin, or would it now be http://www.scissorsafe.co.uk/wp-admin? If it will be as it currently is, will any updates I make, only refelect the content stored in http://www.scissorsafe.co.uk/wordpress? It's this point I'm particularly baffled with, so a dumbed down answer would be really useless. Ideally, I'd like amendments to the site from that point to be reflected straight into the root domain.

    Looking for a swift reply and a massive thank you to all that help the idiot that is me.

  2. 1. Yes.

    2. Moving, not copying.

    3. Everything.

    4. When you follow the directions, step 10 tells you how to fix those links.

    3. domain.com/wp-admin

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