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[Resolved] Making rows of photographs in blog posts

  • I would like to know how to make rows of photographs (vertically and horizontally) in my Preference Lite themed WP site. I read that inserting a table for formatting is NOT the answer. So, how do I get photographs of people to line up in columns and rows, please?

    Thank you.

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    Are you wanting it to be like a gallery (or similar) to this:

    Then there’s the Preference Pro version demo:

    The other option is to use inline columns method which the Pro demo shows here, and the html code snippets will work in the Lite version.

    With the inline columns method, you can put your photos into the part that says “Add your own content here” by using the <img src…> method.

    Bravo, I will try this dear person. Thank you.

    I did a test page: http://www.graciouslygrey.com/testing-rows/

    Am I to assume adding the <img src. . . > will make this look proper?

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    Not quite sure what I’m looking at 🙂 But when you pasted the code or did the code, did you do it in the editor “text” mode where you do html or the “visual” tab? As for the image, yes, the <img… is what will bring the photo in.

    No doubt “visual”, LOL. But wait, I have a more important question. I saw your Encounters theme somewhere. When will it be out and if I am able to get it would this original question be a moot point? Perhaps lining my photos up would be a piece of cake with “Encounters”.


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    ah, my Encounters theme 🙂
    There’s been a lot of anticipation for this one because I’ve been delaying the release because I’ve been making fine tuned adjustments and adding more features. However, I do have good news for you by saying I’m releasing it by the end of today. If you want a sneak peek, here is the demo: http://demo.styledthemes.com/encounters/

    The bad news though, is that the “Lite” version won’t be available until the WordPress team here reviews it and approves it. Usually takes about 5 weeks. However, the “pro” version is the one that is being released today.

    But back to the images side-by-side, many ways to do that, even simply inserting them into the content next to each other then adding your own inline css for margins. Generally this is related to doing image html. This is something I just found online:

    Honey, I have been perusing (sneak peeking) since I logged in. I am thinking WHEN I get that I won’t have to worry about lining my photos up, right? Will it be $39? On a budget which is why I am asking so I can move some mountains to get it.

    Thanks. You rock, dude or dudette!

    The round icons at the bottom of the demo page (they have “t”, “f”, “g+”, etc. for social networking: will they be available on Encounter for us bloggers to use? I like them?


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    First up…this one is a dude…lol 🙂
    For photos, you will be fine. Price will be established later today, but there’s also the theme membership as well which gives all themes.
    For the social icons, yes, these are part of the theme for bloggers 🙂

    hey sorry to be opening another resolved (hilarious) thread, but quick question, your first link above to pref lite wp gallery, is that a plug in gallery or just simply dropping in media?

    thanks for you help, great theme!

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    I’m waiting for the moderator to say start a new thread 🙂 lol
    It’s WP gallery…no plugin.

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