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  • I’m using WordPress to write about my experiences in using blogs to make money. The idea is for me to put things in the blog as I learn about them. Although the “making money” blog doesn’t actually generate any revenues (ok, a few cents a day), my other two generate about $450 a month.

    The making money blog is at:

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  • Agrh… Can people just leave the bloggin’ community outta all those ads? We get enough of that crap on TV, radio and all over the city… Jeeze… You can’t watch a movie on TV without ads interrupting you every now and then… Then you get pissed off, rent a DVD and what you see there? Right – ads for the upcoming movies (in some cases you can’t stop these ads, you *have* to watch’em). And I can go on…

    I mean… wtf… ads on the personal blog? Will you let Nike or Adidas to put ad flyers into your diary book (that is if you have/had one)? No! So why stuff people with some unrelated ads on your personal site? I understand corporate sites, but personal!!

    I fscking hate ads! Yes, you read it right. I know the consequences of my reply, this might start the flaming or there will be a huge discussion on this subject (which will help you with the traffic) so I’m kinda helping you promoting your site. Ads everywhere… Damn marketing…

    Just had to spit it out… Now go flame me… I’m off to zzz anyway…

    Oh, by the way, I’ll post something a-la this reply tomorrow on my site I hope some bloggers will finally understand that nobody care about ads on their personal site, visitors are interested in you, your personal side and your interests… Not some “asbestos”, “mesothelioma” and “debt consolidation” ads…

    Agreed in all particulars, Max, but it might have been better to simply have started a new thread in Miscellaneous….

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Firefox+Adblock=one happy browser 🙂

    Only too true, podz, only too true!

    @maxt, podz & vkaryl
    There is always a price to free lunch 🙂
    I think the “getting free mindset” is making us refuse to accept the real cost of free TV (you actually pay nominally for cable which doesn’t cover the cost of production) or free software (WP hidden link fiasco) or free content (blog or not).

    Slowly however the trend will have to reverse back, albeit in a different incarnation. People used to buy newspapers, which paid salaries for the reporters and their investigative work.

    @podz I do get carried away sometimes on SK rant because it really proves bothersome with its strange logic. I had tested it one time, seen it on other blogs. The thing is bothersome to the viewers, not to the blogger. But then everyone to his own 🙂

    I’ll chime in on this; text ads or targeted ads aren’t a bad thing. Like Google’s text ads, when they’re integrated into a sites design (instead of hijacking it over, under, and dancing across it), people are more likely to give something interesting and relevant a click.

    And for the time people put into their blogs, sites, whatever, how many of us out here are actually making cash equal to the efforts they put in? Yeah, it’s a hobby, or you like to share, or whatever, but isn’t it nice to know your two cents worth might actually earn you two cents? While my site doesn’t make tonnes of greenbacks for reviewing films, I do enjoy screeners and swag from every studio pitching their latest blockbuster, and that ain’t nothin’!

    Of course, there’s a special hell reserved for people still spamming comments with gambling sites, the same one reserved for child molesters and people who talk during movies.

    I’m all for text ads and non obtrusive stuff. Right now I have a sweet hosting deal (free for 3 years from 1and1 [thankyou mr 1and1]). My goal is to have the site (my hobby) pay for itself by the end of the three years.

    What gets me are the people who actually “punch the monkey” and that nonsense… stupid people are everywhere!

    Punch the monkey….lol!!! That has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

    “Punch the Monkey and WIN A CAR!!!!*”

    “* = don’t actually win a car, but we’ll spam you with emails about cars for life!”

    Moderator James Huff


    Halfelf Minion 🚀

    Remember, punch the monkey for your chance to win a car. IOW, you could win a car if you punched the monkey. ^_^

    Thanks for chiming in folks.

    Yes, unfortunately people do go for stupid ideas instead of real content and value. No wonder spam works 🙁

    My goal is to have the site (my hobby) pay for itself by the end of the three years.

    I think you can make it self-paying much much earlier. Mine took 2-3 months, don’t remember exactly.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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