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  • I have about 5 moderators listed on our forum. I am the admin and am noted as moderator for all categories (there are about 27).
    Two of the moderators are listed, but the other two just will not post as being moderators. I have tried junking myself as a moderator, also junking them and reloading them as moderators, and nothing seems to get them to appear as moderators.
    Also, I would like to delist myself in the categories they are moderating, but keep being reinstalled as universal moderator, even though I delist myself as that.
    Any suggests?

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  • listing what forum you are using would be a great start!

    Indeed it would, sorry.

    I am using “Mingle Forum” on my web site to host our site’s forum, and it directed me to this forum to have issues debugged.

    Is that the needed data?


    Yup, that’s the data! I don’t have any info, but I’ve tagged your thread appropriately over to the right ——->

    Which will hopefully grab the right attention

    Gotchya. Thanks for the guidance, Rev.

    It looks like there is currently a bug in the moderators system that I need to look into soon. Go ahead and delete ALL moderators (don’t add yourself as a moderator as Administrators already have global moderator access). Then re-add them individually and let me know the outcome.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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