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  • Hello im wonder how i can edit the theme so i can have a larger size header either b just moving the main menu down or by just making the space above big enough for my logo 🙂

    is this possible? Thanks for your help.

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  • How were you able to upload your header? and maybe I can help you. but I can’t even get mine uploaded…

    Whenever you post a question, please also include a link to your site. It makes it easier to offer suggestions. Thank you.

    i’m not sure how that will help but.

    Sorry, beh154, I was directing my comment to uukmalesam.

    I also could not upload a header image; the way the theme options work (or don’t work, in this case) would make me reconsider using this theme.

    However, I see that you managed to get a background image loaded. If you want to use that image as your logo, you can shift the main content area down a little bit so it’s more exposed. Go to Theme Options, scroll down towards the bottom, and add this to the Add custom css field:

    .wrapper {
       margin-top: 140px;

    You can adjust the value of the margin depending upon how much space you want for your “logo.”

    Thank you for the help that would be perfect but i see no Add custom css field:

    Where would this be located at?

    From your admin dashboard, go to Appearance > Theme Options. Then scroll down to the bottom and the next to last field should be labeled Add custom css. After you copy in the code, click the blue Update Settings button.

    I think it worked though I’m not fond of the gap. But Thank you.

    There’s one other thing you can do, see if you like it. Replace the code that I gave you with this:

    .wrapper {
       background-image: url('');

    This puts your logo inage as the background of the header. Then you can remove the background image for the body. The one negative is that you lose the background color for the rest of the main content.

    This didn’t work the way you said any suggestions?

    Sorry, I didn’t realize the option field would escape out the quote marks. Try this instead:

    .wrapper {
       background-image: url(;
       background-repeat: no-repeat;

    okay that worked I just made a background picture of pure black. Thank you.

    I have one other question do you have any experience with FFMPEG?
    it said: [Note: Preview images for uploaded videos will not be created automatically using FFMPEG. Manually upload preview images for videos.]

    I down loaded FFMPEG but it still said not installed on the Plug in… Thank you in advance.

    Unfortunately, I do not have any experience with FFMPEG, nor do I have any experience with Cool Video Gallery. What is it that you are trying to do, are you trying to get preview images for each of your videos? If CVG allows you to upload your own preview image for a video, then you could do that pretty easily with a screen capture program like MW Snap.

    yea i’m using Cool Video Gallery. It has everything I need but this image thing is not working. I will try to go under their support and see if any one can help. Thank you so much for your help! do you have any good resources for adding custom css? i’m not very good at coding yet? Thank you again.

    I like the W3 Schools site for their CSS, HTML, and JavaScript tutorials and reference pages.

    You should also learn to use a web debugging tool like Firebug (a free extension for Firefox) or Chrome Developer Tools, which comes built in with Chrome. They are invaluable for figuring out what CSS rules are being applied to different web page elements, as well as testing out different CSS interactively with your live site.

    Best of luck.

    Thank you SO very much.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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