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  • I’m using a Tiny framework theme, which uses some big, custom picture sizes.

    This plugin has a built-in list of supported image sizes that don’t cover the most important ones. While I couldn’t figure out where to get the image size names array (it’s actually this global variable $_wp_additional_image_sizes) I did the following modifications:

    1. enable custom image sizes
    private $_image_sizes = array(‘thumbnail’, ‘medium’, ‘large’, ‘fullsize’, ‘custom-header-image-large’, ‘custom-header-image’);

    2. change the text size scaling and offset inside the imageAddText function

    private function imageAddText($image, array $opt) {
    // allocate text color
    $color = $this->imageColorAllocateHex($image, $opt[‘watermark_text’][‘color’]);

    // calculate watermark position and get full path to font file
    $offset = $this->calculateOffset($image, $opt);
    $opt = $this->getFontFullpath($opt);

    $isize = $this->getImageSize($image);

    // Add the text to image
    if ($isize[‘x’] > 1000)
    imagettftext($image, ceil($opt[‘watermark_text’][‘size’]*1.5), 0, ($offset[‘x’]-45), ($offset[‘y’]-5), $color, $opt[‘watermark_text’][‘font’], $opt[‘watermark_text’][‘value’]);
    // Add the text to image
    imagettftext($image, $opt[‘watermark_text’][‘size’], 0, $offset[‘x’], $offset[‘y’], $color, $opt[‘watermark_text’][‘font’], $opt[‘watermark_text’][‘value’]);

    return $image;

    This hack is totally fixed upon my chosen watermark size and position (1.5 font scale, [45,5] offset, 1000px threshold), but gives an idea how to get this fairly simple plugin to work.

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