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    A previous closed post by @pkverma99 let me think that i am not the only person wanting to do that.
    I use Custom Post Type UI to build cutom post type with custom taxonomy. I’ve got a “sequence” CPT with a “salle” taxonomy type (may contain think like “salle 1 DEF” “salle 2 ABC”…created on backend).

    I want to have new triggers on daily visit a “sequence” of type “salle” which contains a specific value “salle xxxx yyy” defined in the “salle” taxonomy list.

    Of course posting comments and other common trigers could be a good way to enhance this, but firstval i need the daily trigger.

    I tried to mimic the “gamipress activity by category” free plugin which seems very close, but it seems that i dont really know what to keep and what to adapt.

    Does someone or even @pkverma99 knows how to do that.
    Thx, best regards.

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  • Hi @patricef – Gamipress Triggers are clever but complex to understand. I say clever because they are designed pretty well.

    I do know that Gamipress has daily visit trigger – Are you not able to use that trigger? That seems like the right direction for you. I am assuming you have a page for this taxonomy & you want to use gamipress to reward visitors who visit this page daily.


    Plugin Contributor Flavia Bernárdez Rodríguez


    Hi @patricef!

    Nice to talk to you today!

    You may try the event called “Daily visit a post of type”. However, we do not support taxonomies right now. I have just written it down for future improvements. 

    You can try to do this right now with AutomatorWP (our sibling plugin) which has support to custom taxonomies. You will need to install two plugins:

    Thanks so much for your suggestion.

    Have a great day!

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    Thx for your answer i will look at it soon.

    Thread Starter PatriceF


    Sorry for my late try…

    I want something like :
    Each time User view a post of type ‘myCustomType’ with taxonomy ‘myCustomTaxonomy’
    add some gami points.
    Or best
    each when User view a post of type ‘myCustomType’ with taxonomy ‘myCustomTaxonomy’
    add some gami points.

    I wasnt able to do what i want with this two plugins..

    I found :
    User view a post of type
    User view a post of category
    User view a post of a taxonomy

    I think that the third one is the closest, but does that mean ‘view on a daily basis’ or ‘once for ever” ?
    How do i do to say each time or once per day ?
    Thx for your answer

    Hi @patricef

    I would be more than happy to assist you today.

    AutomatorWP does not have the functionality to define daily visits.

    You can only reward the user for a time to see a post of a particular type with a taxonomy determined.

    We added your suggestion to develop it in the future.

    Hope it helps.

    Best regards`

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