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  • I am having a problem pertaining to the spam-users-in-wp_users-after-wpsc-upgrade I have about 5 legitimate users IDs 1,2,3,4,5 then I got more of the temporary users that got created. Before the cron job could run, a new legitimate user/customer was created. His user id is like 7000. I wanted to go in phpmyadmin and delete the temporary users, and set the next ID to be 6. But it just keeps creating new user IDs. Would it do any harm if I change the user ID from 7000 to 6 in the purchase logs and user meta tables? He only made two purchases. I thought I could deactivate WPEC and then make the changes? How can I keep the IDs in order so when the next purchase happens that user ID will be 7 instead of 10,000.

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  • It still is not clearing the users like it should. It might clear some. Then leave a few days worth and start again. Seems it never works on the weekend. I have no errors in error log. Also if there is a temporary user that buys something and becomes a user, it won’t delete that entire days worht of temp users. I have this in my config.
    ini_set(“memory_limit”,”74M”);/* ADDED to increase memory WP can use */
    define( ‘WPSC_CUSTOMER_DATA_EXPIRATION’, 2 * 3600 );

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