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  • hi,

    i’m trying to make some changes to my navigation bar but every time i add code to the css custom manager where i think it should go (under .main-navigation), it seems to change the formatting of my site title (kat + jeff) as well. i’m trying to edit these two elements separately but i am failing to understand whatever code is making it so that they’re edited as one single unit.

    what i am trying to achieve is:

    1. make the site title large and always 100% opaque, even when its not being hovered over
    2. make my navigation bar flush as equally to the right as the site title is to the left
    3. make the text in the navigation bar slightly larger so that the hover opacity effect is noticeable. right now, the text is so small that you can’t tell that the link darkens when you are hovering over it
    4. is there a way to change the color of the link when you hover over it, so that it not only darkens but changes to a different color entirely?

    essentially, i am trying to figure out how to edit the site title and the navigation bar separately. any help would be very appreciated!


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