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    Hi Everyone

    I hope this doesn’t sound too dumb or frivolous but I’m hoping someone can set me on the right track.

    I originally installed WP via Fantastico in a sub-directory and then, when everything was ready, moved it to the root of my domain here

    I have no problems and everything has worked fine ever since. Today I had to update to WP 2.2.1 which was accomplished OK but there is something irritating me and I like to keep things “tight”.

    Fantastico still seems to consider my installation to be in the sub directory /wpress and this means that any maintenance/upgrades I may wish or need to undertake cannot be done via C-Panel.

    My question therefore is this. Can I do another install via Fantastico to my root directory and if I do, what will I need to do with my existing files and database to ensure that nothing goes awry?

    I hope this makes sense – I just want Fantastico to be able to “see” my installation properly.

    Sincere thanks in advance for any advice.


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  • I don’t know if F. can install it in the root.
    Anyway, do not try to install a new Wp over your existing one – it might wipe out everything!
    Why not do a manual upgrade?

    As for what to do… Read about backing up your database:
    and the steps required for a backup before upgrade:




    I hope this makes sense – I just want Fantastico to be able to “see” my installation properly.

    If you ftp in, and look in the directory directly above your web accessible files, you should find a directory named:


    and yes, there is a dot (.) in the directory name. Its hidden, so your ftp client will need to be told to show hidden files, or you can just type that directory name into the path area in your client.

    Anyway, inside THAT directory are going to be some other directories. One of them will be called WordPress.

    Inside the WordPress directory is where fantastico writes the information for the installs it has done.

    The files inside that directory are named as follows:


    Inside each file, will be something like this:

    $thisdb = “XXX”; $thisdomain = “YYY.YYY”; $thisscriptpath = “/home/ZZZ/public_html/AAA”;


    XXX = the database name
    YYY.YYY = the domain installed on
    ZZZ = your username on the site
    AAA = the directory it was installed to

    and note that the path in my example is just an example — yours may vary slightly.

    You can edit any of those files to tell fantatstico where you want it to look for your install.

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the quick and very helpful replies. I’d just completed a manual upgrade to 2.2.1 moshu, and that was what brought the matter to my attention – F showing me a warning that my WP version was not up to date, which, obviously it was and is.

    whooami, I edited the .fantastico file as suggested and that seems to have got things sorted just fine with C-Panel and F now recognizing my up to date version of WP installed in the root. Problem solved – brilliant!

    Thanks again guys.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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