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    I use Audioblog as a service to post video blog entries to my WordPress 2.0 blog ( At first Audioblog wouldn’t post to my upgraded WordPress, but their tech support sent me a couple of lines of code to add to my wp-config.php file and it started posting fine (something about recognizing the iframe tag, which WP 2.0 didn’t support).

    When I video blog, I also put text in the post to give more information than is possible in the video. However, yesterday when I saved the text on my first video post in WP 2.0 (no images, just paragraphs and an unordered list, plus a couple of links opening in new windows), that post became the ONLY thing that showed up on my blog — no older posts, no sidebar. I put ALL of the text BEFORE the code which generates the inline video, and my older video posts (the ones posted with WP 1.5.2, see Video Blogs category on my site) work just fine. Of course, I haven’t tried to edit them, and don’t know what would happen if I did. I did not have this problem with WP 1.5.2.

    I generated a lot of traffic with my video posts in the past, and want to continue them. I don’t know PHP at all, but I need this problem fixed pretty badly. I just dropped over $100 for a new site design, and want to add some substance to the fluff!

    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can give.


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  • I’ve had audioblog working fine…but upgrading to 2.0 and then 2.02 has stopped it working on both blogs that I utilize it on. Would love to have a solution to this!

    One blog won’t populate categories or post and one won’t even let me add the blog to audioblog (hipcast) service! This cramps my blogging style severely as well. Help!

    I’ve got this problem too. It’s too bad, because I’d like to be able to edit and use multiple categories.

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